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The story of “Heri Xylo” starts many – many gears ago. In the beginning of 1981, Mr. Charalampos Papadopoulos, despite his young age (he was 24 at that time) through his 11 – year experience in the field of furniture manufacture, had already established his reputation as one of the best and well – known craftsmen. Many furniture – construction companies asked him persistently to work for them as a senior craftsman and supervisor on their entire production department; they were very much satisfied with his work.
One day, however, an incident changed his life; he was on visit in a friendly house and once he set foot on the living room, he saw something amazing and touching: part of his host’s furniture was made by himself, by his own hands!!!
That sight filled him with joy; perhaps this joy was inexplicable, but this was the first time that an ambitious idea crossed his mind.
The same evening he decided to start his own business, his own workshop and supply furniture shops directly.
Through hard work and effort, indeed he succeeded. Soon, he gained reputation through his satisfied customers and many furniture galleries wanted to start business with him, as his fame expanded. From 1993, C. Papadopoulos along with his son Pericles, are running the family business from their new, modern premises in Thessaloniki; they supply selected shops all over Greece. Their furniture still carry the mark of C. Papadopoulos, whose hands and inspiration still work continuously and creatively. Therefore, we feel sure for our products both quality and price, since “Heri Xylo” already counts 36 years of experience known – how, which is transferred from one generation to the next.

(*) It is pronounced as “kheri Xilo” and could be interpreted as “Hand – wood”, or “(A) Handful of Wood”